Christopher Wiechert's Q&A-MAIL ...
Individual Nutritional Adjustments

Q&A-MAIL is a way for you to have all your questions
answered via an e-mail question and answer format.   

Here is how it works.    

I will take e-mails with up to 3 questions on any personal
health issue involving 1 person.

It's that simple...  

What questions might one ask...

"I am thinking about starting a supplement program and
wanted to know a good basic program to get started with".

Or... "My Doctor is working with me on 2 issues... Type II
Diabetes and Arthritis.  What would you recommend I start
taking and what foods should I eat or avoid if any?"

Or...  "I currently take these 5 products (list them and let me
know how much you take per meal), as my supplemental
program,  but I just found out I have Bursitis, and was
wondering what else I could take, that might support that

Or... "Here is a list of what I have eaten over the last 5 days, I
am trying to lose more weight, (or correct a food allergy etc),
what would you do different, if anything, to improve my

Or... "I am taking 3 medications.  Can you tell me what side
effects these might create, and what nutrients these might
kick out, so I can work with my doctor to perhaps make some
changes, if necessary."

You get the idea.   

I am excited to be able, through technology, to be here for any
and all questions anywhere e-mail goes, just remember - no
more than 3 questions per e-mail, and make sure you
understand that you should be working with a Medical Doctor,
as well, with any health issue and not just me.  Or if you are
brave enough, you have the constitutional right to make your
own decisions based on your own research.

I will give you a "what I would do if it were me" prospective,
and then you decide the coarse to take.  Personally I think the
more input the better.

I look forward to work with anyone who feels this might be a
valuable service.

Get started now...  Ask us about fee.

Christopher Wiechert's Q&A-MAIL