Forever Changes Weight-Loss & Longevity Lifestyle Program

This program works for just about anyone because it deals with the root cause of fat
accumulation, hyperinsulinemia or insulin resistance, also called
Metabolic Syndrome or
Syndrome X.  

How do you know if you're one of these people.  Usually you have cravings for sugar and
or starchy foods or beverages, you are hungry much of the time and you most likely have
belly fat, or what's called a spare tire.   

Over 90% of diets fail within the first year and 95% regain all the weight back plus, some  -
within 5 years.  The number 1 reason diets fail is because of cravings and hunger
and because of developing poor dietary habits that lead to poor health and long term fat
This program is not a diet plan that you start and stop and you don't need to count
calories.  It is an optimal health and lifestyle program for normalizing weight by decreasing
fat storage and increasing safe lipid oxidation, the burning of body fat.  

I have 35 years of experience working with health issues and weight problems.  
This program is based on my 30 years of experience, plus the combined knowledge of
many well known medical doctors that specialize in weight and controlling
hyperinsulinemia.  Doctor's like... Dr. Wolfgang Lutz, M.D., Dr. Michael Eades, M.D., Dr.
Mary Dan Eades, M.D., Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D., Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, M.D., and Durk
Pearson & Sandy Shaw, Scientists.

What to expect from this program:
  • No hunger
  • Decreased caloric intake as blood sugar normalizes and you begin to burn fat
  • Leveling out of blood sugar & more stable energy levels
  • No stimulants or gimmicks
  • Fat loss with an increase in muscle mass
  • Long term improved health and wellness
  • Progressive weight loss without huge cravings and mood swings

Before beginning this program, review all of the videos on my HealthBlogger,  Why did the
world become this fat so fast.

The guidelines to the program:
Don't ever go hungry or skip meals...  Eat 3 main meals and 3 protein snacks between
before you feel hungry.    

Don't ever eat snacks or drink products that contain HFCS, sugar, corn syrup or corn
starch, not even fruits, only foods that are mostly protein.  I find a small portion of raw nuts
to be the best and healthiest, but meat, or hard cheese, if you tolerate it, can work very
All high fructose corn syrup must be removed from your diet.
Start with coffee if you like, but switch to green tea and drink it liberally and strong
throughout the day, if you are high strung, drink decaf, but green tea can help you lose
belly fat faster.  If you must use a sweetener, use the ones I recommend.
Why the green tea...

Basic dietary principals: Remove all bad foods from the house.
Eat a big breakfast every day with the highest amount of protein and fat for the day .  
This is your most important meal.  Use
Xylitol or Stevia, as your sweetener of choice if you need one.
If you are eating Paleo, do not eat any grains, dairy or legumes.  This program can be used like Atkins.

Do what you want for 1 meal over the weekend per week if needed or for a break with friends.  
Don't continue past that or you will go back to craving the wrong foods again.  

Follow the
glycemic index of allowable foods, restricting foods over 55 on the scale.

The Plan
For BFT:  Eat 3-4 oz's of meat, and or 1 to 3 eggs, and or 2 to 4 oz's of Cottage Cheese (if tolerated), with a
little fresh fruit or veggies, and or 1 slice of Ezekiel Bread toast, or Wasa Hearty Crisp Bread  or Wasa
Sourdough Crisp Bread, with cheese, butter, peanut butter (
if tolerated) or almond butter.
Either grain or fruit, not both!

For LCH:  3-4 oz's of meat with a salad or vegetables, or a can of Progresso soup.

For DNR:  3-4 oz's of meat with a salad or vegetables, or a can of Progresso soup.
Try to complete dinner before 6 pm as often as you can for this program to work best for you.  Best
Progresso Soups are chichen with barley and beef with barley.  Barley is very low glycemically.

Between meal snacks:  
Protein Bar, or a small hand full of raw nuts, or 1/2 cup cottage cheese, or 1/2
cup plain whole fat yogurt, or a hard boiled egg, , slice of cheese or a slice of turkey, chicken or beef.
Get your raw nuts at Trader Joe's.  Raw almonds, walnuts, pistachio, Brazil, cashews, dry roasted
macadamias.  Lightly salted if they are dry roasted is best.

Why do I prefer whole rye over other grains?   Here is why.
Why do I allow Ezekiel Bread - because it is low glycemic and made with sprouted whole grains.

Making sure the body is nutritionally complete is essential for long term success.   

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: Mitchodrial Energy Booster   2 caps at BFT & 2 caps at LCH.  A product
designed to improve cellular metabolism.  Approx $19.00 per month.
Turn off your fat switch.     Take Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3™ Calorie Control Complex

Another option is to allow Thermogenesis to work for you.  I have blogged on this before.  One of the best
ways to lose body fat is by a process called Thermogenesis. Thermogenesis, is a process where heat
production is increased in a way that primarily causes the body to want to burn body fat as it's preferred
form of fuel. Just follow the program listed on the following blog, along with the concepts listed above.

Eat between 30 to 60 grams of carbs per day, 10 to 20 grams per meal in order to lose weight.     When
you have to go over this amount, use the carb blocker.   To count grams of carbs on labels, look at total
carbs and subtract the fiber out.   

To lose body fat faster, restrict fats to no more than 10% of your total calories per day, while on weight-
loss phase and exercise (walk whenever possible or use a trainer structured exercise program for
maximum results quickly).   If you consume less fat, your body will burn your accumulated fat more
aggressively.  The easiest way to do this is to remove butter, and oils that you add to veggies and salads.

Eat protein snacks between meals every 2-3 hours.

To get enough potassium, use Morton Lite Salt.

Allowed foods...
  • Fish
  • Meats like, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and to a lesser degree, sausage, cold cuts (keep minimal).
  • Real eggs
  • Cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, plain yogurt, cream...  If you tolerate dairy.
  • Fats and oils
  • Salad Dressings - Use Olive oil with vinegar or lemon, or commercial with no added sugar, honey or corn
  • Salads,vegetables (asparagus, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers,
    avocados, tomatoes etc
  • 100% wild rice, no white or brown - Find it at Trader Joes pre cooked in a pouch
  • Legumes, especially lentils and black beans...  If you tolerate them.
  • Nuts - especially raw almonds, Brazil, walnuts and macadamia nuts etc... Dry roasted, peanuts if tolerated.
  • Beverages - Water, lemon or lime essence mineral waters, Low sodium V-8, unsweetened alcohol in small
    amounts, especially red wine and no fruit juices or drinks with sugar or corn syrup.
  • Small piece of fruit with each main meal.
  • Sweeteners - Xylitol and Stevia are allowed

Restricted foods...
  • All carbs especially most grains, breads, cereals, potatoes, rice, pastries, bagels, cakes, cookies, candy etc
  • High glycemic fruits like bananas and most tropical fruits and especially dried fruits, should be restricted

Once weight normalizes, use Paleo Diet and regulate carbs to what ever level you can tolerate, but below
150 grams per day total or about 50 or less per meal.   High Glycemic carbs are like a ballast in that there
is a point at which too much will cause an increase in appetite and fat accumulation and less will allow you
to eat less and burn accumulated fat.


Some tips on losing body fat, faster...

Here are some tips on losing body fat faster. These tips will not include tricks that are designed to lose
water weight fast with herbal diuretics, forcing the bowel to empty fast with herbal bowel laxatives and or
excess magnesium, nor will it be a faster way to lose muscle by starving for a weekend. These are
scientific tips for improving fat lose, especially around the stomach, were the body likes to store it for that
rainy day or famine, you will never, ever have. Most of these techniques increase Thermogenesis (heat
production metabolically) and Glucagon (a hormone that your pancreas makes that's burns glucose and
triglycerides, which come from stored fat).

1. Eat 6-7 times a day - Eat something with protein in it every 3 hours or so up to 7 times per day. This
includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between meal snacks should consist of between 6 to 11 grams of
protein from a half of a protein bar, low fat cottage cheese, a handful of raw nuts or dry roasted peanuts,
or plain low fat yogurt etc. If you eat this way, you will burn 40% more calories than if you consumed a high
carb alternative. Never allow yourself to be hungry. A recent study found that people who added 3
servings of yogurt a day between meals, lost 61% more body fat and 81% more belly fat, than those that
did not. Very soon, your regular meals will become smaller, as you will not be famished.

2. Don't eat dinner after 6pm at night. Protein snacks are ok, even if you wake up hungry at night. A
University of Minnesota study recently showed that, on a 2,000-calorie diet, those who ate most of their
calories earliest in the day, lost weight and those that did the opposite, actually gained weight. The
difference was around 2 pounds per week gain or loss.

3. Take a walk 15 - 30 minutes after you eat. Studies show that you have about a 10% increase in your
metabolic rate after you eat. By walking, you can perhaps double that rate to 20%.

4. Lower the temperature in your house. You will soon adapt to the lower temps and you will burn more
calories in order to keep your body at 98.6 degrees. We are designed to gain weight in spring and
summer, so we can burn fat during the cold months, in the form of heat. The more you rely on the
thermostat to keep you warm, the less you will burn yourself. Removing some covers at night to cause a
slight lowering of your body temp, can allow you to burn 200 more calories during the night. If you sat in a
pool at 72 degrees for 1 hour, you will burn about 600 calories. If you ran for an hour, you would burn
around 350 to 400 calories. Get the point?

5. Sip ice water during the day. A German study showed that this can boost your metabolism, the rate at
which you burn calories, by more than 30% for up to 90 minutes after the cold infusion. While were on the
subject, just drinking water helps you lose fat, but now I think ice water might be even better. Avoid this
with meals though... Just between meals and snacks please.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported other benefits from eating this way.

1. Cholesterol levels were reduced 15%.

2. Cortisol levels were reduced by 17%. Cortisol can increase stress related weight gain and cravings.

3. Insulin declined by nearly 28%. This keeps your appetite down, your cravings under control, and fat
away from your middle.