The AnalystTM  Computerized Nutritional Evaluation...

The Analyst™ is a diagnostic tool, now accessible online.

Your responses to the multiple-choice section of a questionnaire are
translated into an analysis of your health that is based on statistical
probabilities.  The analysis will identify conditions that are likely to
require attention, or that should be ruled out; it will also, if asked,
indicate mainly natural treatments that have benefited others in a
similar situation.

The Analyst™ pulls together extraordinary amounts of research, rules,
connections, studies and real-world experience, applying all of this to
each and every case that it encounters.

It is important to note that The Analyst™ is looking at the entire health
spectrum rather than for one specific ailment.  The online questionnaire
asks up to 900 optional multiple-choice questions that should take
approximately one hour to complete.

Some things to think about:
1. Are you tired of hearing "Take these pills and see if it improves"?
2. Are you seeking real answers to your health problems?
3. Would you like to treat the cause of your problems instead of the

The Analyst™ offers guaranteed satisfaction - you have nothing to lose
but some time answering questions online!

Although a medical doctor and laboratory work may be essential to
confirm a diagnosis, The Analyst™ does offer certain advantages if your
looking for a holistic approach to deal with your health issues:

The Analyst™:
1.  Has the combined knowledge of many doctors and researchers  

2.  Has no time limit   

3.  Does not suffer from forgetfulness or imprecise recall  

4.  Operates at the same high standards every day   

5.  Is available 24x7x365 from where you are now   

6.  Shows you the full reasoning behind its findings   

6.  Looks at your health from many perspectives

7.  Provides you with a comprehensive, prioritized report  

8.  Views your body as a highly interconnected system

9.  Highlights risk factors and discusses your overall 'system status'

10. Presents the latest research, organized and cross-referenced  

11. Views each case objectively   

The Analyst™ will benefit anyone who:
1. Seeks to benefit from the combined knowledge of more than one

2. Feels there are things wrong but can't identify their nature or causes

3. Would like to prepare questions for their doctor in advance of a visit

4. Is deciding whether or not to see a doctor

5. Is not easily able to visit a doctor

6. Would like a second opinion.

To use The Analyst™,have me evaluate it's results,
and make recommendations based on it's findings,
send me an e-mail at.
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